Absolute Coatings Group

The Absolute Coatings Group is focused on creating quality products proudly manufacturing in the U.S.A. The innovative strategies of ACG have impacted the industry by offering a wide variety of brands like Last•n•Last, Absco, Garco and Precision.


U.S. manufacturer of coatings and maintenance products for hardwood floors. Through superior service and the highest quality problem solving products, make our customer, the hardwood professional, even more successful.


US Coatings

The technology you need for long-term corrosion protection, our high-performance products are designed to keep your assets in service and corrosion-free. Whether it’s fireproofing, high temp coatings, tank linings, OEM or a protective barrier against the elements, we have the right product for the job.

Valentus Specialty Coating System

The VSC Protective Coating System is the next generation solution delivering a wide window of application latitude for painting contractors and maintenance crews, and a lower total cost of ownership for asset owners.

Blue Water Marine Paint

Blue Water Marine Paint has a complete line of antifouling bottom paints, topside finishes & epoxy primers for your recreational & commercial marine application. Trust your power boat, sail boat, yacht, sport fish, racing boat or commercial ship to the line Powerboat Reports rated "EXCELLENT".


Business Units


Valentus Specialty Chemicals was formed to allow midsize companies with unique technology to take advantage of strategic partnerships, which will provide their customers with better tools to compete with larger and public companies. Valentus is a holding company focused on partnering with businesses with superior coatings technologies that can be applied in a broad range of niche end markets. Through strategic partnerships with market-leading businesses, Valentus seeks to build a specialty coatings company with a wide range of technological capabilities and a broad geographic reach. Valentus is focused on serving customers that are not targeted or effectively serviced by the industry’s largest players.