Advanced Protective Coating System

Traditional heavy-duty protective coating systems typically utilize a 2K epoxy primer and acrylic urethane topcoat to achieve application and performance requirements that include corrosion resistance, weathering, pot life, cure time and chemical resistance. Valentus Specialty Chemicals has developed a breakthrough protective topcoat, VSC 1200 Topcoat, based on Eastman’s Tetrashield™ protective resin technology. The new 2K topcoat, when used in combination with the Valentus high performance epoxy primer, VSC 1100 Primer, delivers robust application characteristics and extended performance in harsh exterior environments, resulting in a signicant increase in weathering and corrosion resistance, outstanding adhesion, improved chemical resistance, and pro-longed durability.Key advantages include:

VSC Primer VSC Top Coat

  • Faster dry to touch and through cure at low temperatures
  • Longer pot life with consistent viscosity
  • Extended eld coating life

The VSC Protective Coating System is the next generation solution delivering a wide window of application latitude for painting contractors and maintenance crews, and a lower total cost of ownership for asset owners.

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